Quick Start Sales Funnels
Quick Start Sales Funnels
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Quick Start Sales Funnels

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Have you heard that Sales Funnels can change your business but have no idea where to start? This ebook is the answer!

Get an overview of how a Sales Funnel works and how to set up your first funnel. 

Plus, learn my favorite resources, my secret for keeping track of all the sales funnel pieces and a checklist for building your own funnel. 

If you are struggling to get consistent sales, building a sales funnel can increase your profit in just days. 


  • What is a sales funnel?
  • A few definitions
  • Sales Funnel Stages
  • Can any business use a sales funnel?
  • What can a sales funnel do you for your business?
  • How to get started building a sales funnel
  • Pieces of a sales funnel
  • Step One: Set up email
  • Step Two: Build your product
  • Step Three: Build a thank you page
  • Step Four: Build a sales page
  • Step Five: Write your email sequence
  • Step Six: Create an opt-in
  • Step Seven: Add your CTA
  • Step Eight: Load your funnel
  • Testing your Sales Funnel
  • Setting up a template
  • Example of a sales funnel
  • Sales Funnel Management System
  • Email Sequence Basics
  • Resources

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